Welcome to the World of HCI

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As an undergraduate student at the University of Washington studying Human Computer Interaction, I am constantly looking at ways to make the tools we have more user friendly. I want to be one of the people who have affected a personals life by creating a product that helps them. Google, Facebook and Microsoft have affected people’s lives including myself. The way I go about my day is completely different then how my parents lived when they were my age. I am constantly on Facebook to chat with my friends who are oversees, or working on a document on my Google drive, or even looking up flight prices on Bing for my trip to Paris this summer. I am using the technology around me to enable me to do more and to interact with other people. Some may say that we are loosing the human aspact of technology, but I say they are wrong. We are only enhancing the connections between people by allowing them to communicate without having to be in the same room. What I want to do in the field of HCI is to study the technology and how it is used to enhance the lives of the users.