Human Centered and Design Engineering (HCDE) is a diverse concentration of study in the University of Washington that has prepared me to be come part of the technology community. As a human centered and design engineer I focus on people first when it comes to interactions between humans and technology. I focus on understanding human needs and interest as I design and build engineering solutions to problems the world faces today. HCDE has allowed me to explore my strengths and discover my weakness. I believe my experience as a Human Centered and Design Engineer, work experience, and involvement on campus has prepared me to become an excellent user experience engineer. I am ready to be a UX engineer because I am a self-motivated, I can deal with difficult situations and I am a life-long learner.

I am a self-motivated worker because of my experience as a web developer intern at AllTreatment.com. My project was to create a web-based tool that would be used by non-technical people in the company. Because I was working on my own, I had to work on the design, implementation, and testing of my product. My toughest technical problem was the implementation process. It took about three days for me to come up with a design concept. During that time I consulted with my mentor about my design process. The next step was implementation. There were several factors that I needed to think about which included: the amount of data and the data accessibility. Because I was a self-motived worker I was able to finish my project earlier than expected.

I can also deal with difficult situation. I am a teaching assistant for the University of Washington in the computer science department. Part of my job description is to teach class, grade projects, grade tests, answer emails, and hold office hours. I interacted with many students with different levels of strengths in the course. For some students, programming did not come easy for them and so I was there to guide students to be the best they can be. This is a touchy situation to be in because I am there to help students, however it is up to the students if they want to succeed or not.

Finally, I am life-long learner. I am part of the scientific collaboration and creativity lab in the Human Centered and Design Engineering department. I work particularly to develop a lab study that will observe emotions through online chatting. It is a fun a unique opportunity to study people interacting with technology.


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