Web Development Internship


PHP, MySQL, Database, Data Structures


In the summer of 2012, I was a web developer intern for a start up company called AllTreatment.com. I was the only technical intern that was hired that summer. My project was to create a web-base tool that would be used by non-technical people in the company. Because I was working on my own, I had to work on the design, implementation and testing of my product.


My toughest technical problem was my implementation process. It took about three days for me to come up with a design concept. During that time I consulted with my mentor about my design process. The next step was my implementation. There were several factors that I needed to think `about which included: the amount of data I was dealing with, how I was going to access a database and what information was going to be sotred in the database. I wanted to write an algorithm that would be fast and efficient so I drew up scenarios on the white board. I thought about the complexity of the code that I would be writing. This was one of the obstacles I had to overcome.


Eventually I was able to come up with code that was fast and efficient. My new step was to test. I collaborated with my mentor on test cases that would be good to create. In the end , I was abel to create an efficient tool that would be used by non-technical people. This internship was a rewarding experience.


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